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Aurora Experience - Workshop in English

Aurora Experience is a full night workshop with both theory aswell as practical moments where you will experience and learn everything there is to know about the Aurora. As of now, subscribe to our newsletter to get an email ahead of everybody else when the date for the workshop is set and we will open the registration for the workshop.

Current status: The final registration to the workshop is not yet open as we are waiting for the predicted Coronal Hole to show itself on the sun (see further down). Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to recive info when the registration will open!

Subscribe to our newsletter

As we know the specific date of the Aurora Experience – event we will post information to all of you who subscribed ahead of us posting in FB-group Umeå Aurora Hunters. So if you want to be first in line, subscribe to the newsletter.


Price: 500 SEK / person

The payment information will come in your welcome-email.

Seats: 20

There is a maximum of 20 seats that can join us.

Date/time: TBA

The date is a preliminary date as of now. Read more about it in the section TIMESCHEDULE – HOW THIS WORKS TIMEWISE.

Where and when: NUS / Vasaplan at 19.00 / 19.15

We will pick you up at NUS or Vasaplan and drive you to the location to where to shoot the Aurora.

The story behind Aurora experience

The group Umeå Aurora Hunters on Facebook has grown a lot recently and we have seen that the interest for Aurora have never been greater. We are both passionate Aurora hunters and are often out hunting but rarely see any new faces out there. It makes us a little sad to see all the people who really wants to see it never have a proper chance to do so. From this we sprung the idea to arrange a workshop that focus on everyone who wants to learn more about the Aurora. Our goal is to give you an epic Aurora Experience!


One of the hard things to predict is weather and specially spaceweather. That is why we have a little different situation here when we want to guarantee that you will experience the Aurora.

Step by step: how we can give you aurora gurantee

  • First off, we check dates for when we might recieve a strong Aurora due to a large Coronal Hole and set up a preliminary date. Which can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks ahead. We are here!
  • When the sun rotates towards us we get a better prediction. This is about 10 days ahead.
  • As the Coronal Hole start to face us, we know a little more certain when it will hit us and then we will know more about the weather. This is about 3-5 days ahead.
  • If the earth-weather and space-weather looks good we will publish it and open up the register to enter the workshop. If not, we will not open the registration and have to pick another date.
  • The first 20 people will be allowed to participate in the workshop. The following people will be on a list of reserves.
  • If you are one of the first 20 you have 2 days to pay. Otherwise your spot will be offered to the next one on the list of reserves.
  • Once you have paid, you will recieve a welcome-mail which verifies that you are in the workshop
  • Last but not least, join the workshop and have a great time!

Guestions and answers

When will the workshop be? Time & date?

We will post the specific date when we have the forecast for both the weather and the Aurora. That will be about 3-5 days before.

How do we pay?

Everybody who is among the ones to participate in the workshop will recieve a welcome-mail with information about how you pay.

What if I can’t go and have already payed?

The spot is not personal so you can give it to your friend or ask in the FB-group if anybody wants to take your place.

If I want special food or have allergies?

When you submit to the workshop as it opens, there is a field for that.

I don’t have a camera, can I join anyway?

Of course! Even if you don’t have a camera. We will have a camera that you can use to take your own pictures of the Aurora as long as you bring a memory card. We will have some cards at location but there is no guarantee.

I have no idea how to setup my camera, can you help me?

Yes, we will help everybody to get their settings alright aswell as focus so you all can take good pictures!

I only have a cellphone, can I still take pictures of Auroras?

We will show you some pictures that we have taken with our phones aswell as tell you how you can setup your phone but a modern digital camera is often easier to setup and give you a better results.

How long will the workshop be?

The workshop will end at the time you want it to. If there is a strong Aurora and you want to stick around, feel free to do so. Otherwise we will round of there at about 01.00.

What shall I bring along?

We recommend that you bring warm clothes and shoes to spend a night outside. Other than that we recommend that you bring your camera and a tripod, charged batteries and memorycards. We will provide more information in the welcome-mail.

If you have any questions you can ask in Umeå Aurora Hunters or send an email to

Best regards,

Fredrik & Johan

Who we are


Fredrik Larsson

Full time professional photographer. Been taking pictures of Aurora since 2015 and teaching photography since 2013. Manages the FB-group Umeå Aurora Hunters and makes Aurora forecasts.


Johan Vall

Engineer and photo enthusiast. Passionate aurora hunter since 2015. Have taken more than 5000 pictures of northern light.


Umeå Aurora Hunters

We are a local group for everyone interested in watching and photographing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) near the city of Umeå in northern Sweden. Here you can get heads up for when the Aurora will be visible in Umeå as well as suggestions where to spot it and how to capture it on your camera.